Asking your students to make can be a great way of allowing them to create something personal and express their creativity.

These tools have been curated to give your students the ability to create something from home. Why not combine some of them and #AppSmash them together?

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is an online creative application and integrated storytelling platform. With the platform, users can create and customise all sorts of visuals to share knowledge in an interactive manner.

With Adobe Spark, you can create three types of media:

Post: Adobe Spark Post is a great way for students to create attention-grabbing graphics that can be customised in a variety of ways to fit the needs of the post’s message.

Page: Adobe Spark Page is a great way for students to format their written work into an online, interactive, and visually appealing manner, as opposed to a plain old story on a document or blog.

Video: With Adobe Spark Video, students are able to easily create videos for social media, that can be customised with text, images, icons, and narration.

Google Sites

Make your own website with easy, intuitive drag-and-drop features

Students can really personalise their Google Sites page by creating their own website style, even making and adding their own personal favicon. They can customise their site with logos and use matching colours and style. Staring at a blank page to begin with, though, might discourage some students, but the open-ended possibilities will excite others.